Connecting People to Purpose

It is our deepest desire to help the body of Christ grow closer to Jesus, and to help people to walk in purpose and destiny. We will work diligently to help your ministry team in areas of walking in their gift or office to produce empowered believers. Whether your church is 50 or 5000 people, God still raises up leaders the same way.


Joe’s Story

When I started to realize that God had called me into Prophetic Ministry, there was no support system to help me grow in my gift and calling. The only option available to me was learn while you burn. Much of those early years I crashed and burned on the ministry field. I learned to walk in the Office God had called me to through much pain and mistakes. How many times I asked God, why isn’t there someone I can go to to train me up, and help me through this process? Was there anyone willing to be an Elijah to me? God’s answer was “I anointed them to do that, but they were too busy building their own ministries“. How sad is that?

I learned the hard way!

Over the years, many people have asked me, “how did you learn to walk in the Prophetic? I simply tell them “The hard way!” I tell them, I mostly learned how NOT to do it. Walking in a prophetic anointing takes time with the Lord, it also takes KNOWING how God intends for your anointing and gifting to function. Like driving a car, there are many rules of the road, but every driving instructor will also tell you it is important to “Know your equipment“. The rules of the road are how God expects you to function and flow. Simple things like respecting local authority, knowing how far to go, and mostly knowing how precious every person you minister to is to God! He will not trust you with great revelation until He knows He can trust you to treat His people as He would. Would we as parents trust a person who beats their own children to watch ours? Why would God be any different? The greatest thing I have learned over the years is to love the people you minister to regardless of what you see in them. When God sees that attitude in you, He will empower you with deeper revelation in order to minister His plans to them.

His people until you have been tested there is common sense, and So for many years, I worked on a “one on
one” basis to help raise up Prophets and Prophetesses.

Find my Generals!

For some years, God has been speaking to both Gayle and myself “Find my Generals”. I finally understand what He is saying. “Find those whom I have called, and help them walk into purpose!”